Welcome to Sweetie Pies Bakery.

We started as a little bakery in Queensbury but soon moved to Fort Edward and began making happy customers around town. People love our breads, muffins, pastries, éclairs, canolis, pies so much. We look forward to becoming a neighborhood favorite—a place to find a warm welcome. Where people can find delicious baked goods. A place where fresh, innovative desserts are served up with unsurpassed quality and consistency by passionate employees. A place still dedicated to keeping our neighbors, friends and guests happy.

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Brownies / Bars

Sweetie Pies Bakery bakes colorful gourmet brownies that are a vision of temptation and beauty, the mouth-watering collection leaves you craving for more. You will also find an alluring assortment of bars literally raises the bar of expectations when you visit our bakery. You will want to take home our individual lava cakes that are filled with only the richest chocolate filling in a chocolate gooey cake.

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cakes cheesecakes

Pies / Cheesecakes

Our tasty sweet fruit filled pies are going to be an dessert you will want to have after a dinner or anytime of the day. Our Cheesecakes are an extra-thick version of a dessert classic, created from a rich cream-cheese filling. The delicacy is so rich with passion, so full of flair, and so moist and supple, it will splash up any occasion or celebration.

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Cookies / Cannolis and Eclairs

Experience gourmet chocolate chip cookies like you've never tasted. Have rich and luscious ingredients in every bite and you won’t be able to stop at just one cookie. Our cannolis are made with a crisp shell and is filled with our special Italian cream recipe. These cannolis taste like Italy’s bakeries. Our éclairs are made with a light shell and over stuffed with our own custard.

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breads and finger foods

Breads / Finger Rolls

Sweetie Pies has a variety of breads baked fresh daily. We have everything from Baguttes to dinner rolls. We are carrying our own recipe of for the famous finger rolls using only the best ingredients to make these melt in your mouth rolls. You will want to stop everyday and pick up a dozen of these to take home. ( if they make it home)

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